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Amazon Gift Card

Exchange Your Amazon Gift Card for Money

Exchange Your Amazon Gift Card for Money

The Benefits for Sellers

We do not charge you any subscription or membership fee but ask for a small listing fee, which is minimal compared to the cashbacks when you seek a gift card exchange from Amazon. 

Our team ensures that the buyer's payment is securely transferred to your account without the risk of fraud or chargebacks. And all of it is done before your gift card gets transferred to the buyer's account. 

The payout is super fast! As soon as the sale completes, your funds will be credited to your account. It might take some time to reflect the same in your account, considering your payment method or bank's policies on validating the payment. 

Bulk sellers have a different consideration at Cash Out Quick, as they will be notified as premium sellers and have their own specific perks. If you are a bulk seller of Amazon gift cards and want to know more about these perks, you can get in touch with us today. 

Responsive Support Team

If you have any queries regarding buying or selling your Amazon gift card, you can contact us through our given numbers, the contact form, or the live chat feature. Our support team is highly responsive and will take pleasure in answering all of your questions and queries. 

Whether you want a gift card exchange from Amazon, NikeVanilla or Walmart, we have an option for almost all stores or brands to give you the equivalent cash it is worth. So, stop wasting the gift card's usability date, and encash it with Cash Out Quick today.

Exchange Your Amazon Gift Card for Money

Were you the center of any special event anytime soon? Did you receive any Amazon gift cards as a gift that you don't want as of now? Don't worry; Cash Out Quick is here to help you sell Amazon gift card for cash. 

You probably don't want your friends' or family members' gift to expire while it sits in your mail inbox. To ensure you use the cash and emotion behind it, there is no better way to exchange it for money. 

There is no provision by Amazon to take back the gift cards that are once created in their portal. Moreover, you cannot even ask the person to take it back, as it might be too rude to confront someone this way. 

Why not take the easy way out? Let's just sell off your unused or unwanted Amazon gift card at Cash Out Quick. 

How to Use Cash Out Quick to Sell Amazon Gift Card for Cash?

The process is really simple! As you are already on our website, all you have to do is choose 'Amazon' from the dialog box above that asks you to enter the gift card's brand. 

Once you do that, you must enter the gift card number, fill in other details, select the payout method, and you are done. After a moment of validation from our team, we will list your gift card on our website. 

When someone comes along and buys your gift card, the money will be instantly credited to your selected payout method. 

Our website has a plethora of users, and they constantly deal with buying and selling Amazon gift cards. So, your gift card of a specific amount will be displayed among hundreds of interested users. 

There is a high chance that you will receive the payment by the end of the day you listed it. Sometimes, it might take a bit longer, considering whether the value is too high or too low. But eventually, you will be able to use the cash as a gift, apart from just waiting for your gift card to expire. 

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