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Sell Your Gift Cards and Get Instant Cash

We are offering you the feasibility of selling your gift cards, irrespective of the brand it belongs to, and getting instant cash when it gets sold over our site. When you do not need a specific amount of gift card, it might just be a jewel for someone else. Why keep it to yourself and let it expire when you can encash it to use it as you want? So, you will not just be helping yourself by saving the money infused into the gift card but will also help provide it to someone who needs it in exchange for cash.  We have monetary discounts and cashbacks with respect to both buying and selling gift cards. And, if you are a bulk seller, we have a premium account to explore more perks specific to you.

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Easy Trading of Gift Cards with Cash Out Quick

All you have to do is follow three steps over our platform, and your listing process will be done feasibly. The steps include:
Login to the website of Cash Out Quick, and type the brand’s name in the given text box. Type the brand name of the gift card that you want to sell. You will immediately see a pop-up with the brand’s name. Click on it.
You will be redirected to a new page, asking you to enter the gift card details. Right next to this box, you will be asked to enter the pay-out details in which you will receive the payment. Once you are done with this step, proceed to the next.

Now your gift card is being processed and it’s fully processed it will then be approved and your funds available for withdrawal.

Most of the cards are sold within minutes. Get paid instantly for your gift cards.

Why Choose Cash Out Quick?

Choosing Cash Out Quick comes with many evident perks, as we have made the job easy. Don't let it expire if you have an unused gift card wandering in your email or brand app. Come to us, and we will help you get the cash in return to use it as you like. Here is a glimpse at why you should choose us over others:
You don’t have to drop your gift card costs too low, as we have buyers interested in buying dedicated and rare gift cards, even at a higher price. We ensure you get the best rates for your dedicated gift cards.
Once a gift card is sold using our website, the amount is immediately available for instant withdrawal.
The support team is available with all answers to your questions and queries. All you have to do is connect with us through live chat or phone support, and our team will give adequate resolution to you instantly.
So, put an end to wasting the brand gift cards, and list them on our site today! Get the highest possible value for your gift cards instantly upon being sold. For any queries, get in touch with our team today!

3 steps to sell gift cards for cash

Enter your cards
Type in the brand name and balance for each of your cards. Click “Get Offer”, sit back, and relax.
Follow the steps on the website
Follow the easy to understand steps and wait for your gift card to be processed.
Time to cashout

Choose from our many payout options for instant withdrawal .

Your one-stop shop for getting the most value out of your gift cards

Got unused gift cards? We’ve got you covered. Just type in a few details to trade in gift cards for cash.
More savings! Earn cash back rewards every time you buy gift cards online
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Swap your gift cards for cash

Submit your gift card details. Check out our offer. Click accept and turn your card into cash...or cashoutquick!

Sell Gift Card
Sell them and get paid instantly for your cash.

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I never knew this was a possibility available online. I had tons of gift cards from various brands that I received at my wedding reception. As I didn't have any plans to spend those vouchers, I came across Cash Out Quick and encashed the vouchers to bring the money to my account. It literally helped


My Nike gift card was just a couple of weeks away from being expired, and I realized I couldn't use it because I am not much into expensive sports goods. So, even though it was a bit late and the card was on the verge of being expired, I listed it on Cash Out Quick immediately. To my surprise, it to


I always wanted to buy gift cards for my friends and family members, but I never purchased anything without a discount. It is my sole habit. But, with Cash Out Quick, I do have discounts on gift cards as well. I literally couldn't thank the website more, as now I flaunt among my friends for gifting


It's so basic and easy to use! Cash Out Quick has my respect, as you saved a lot of my money that was stuck in gift cards. I prepared some gift cards for my employees to celebrate a successful project, but a couple of them resigned before it, which left me with no choice but to hold onto the gift ca

Why Should I Sell My Gift Card/ Voucher

There could be many reasons for selling the gift card/ voucher

  • You do not like the brand.
  • Not sufficient balance for your purchase.
  • Not finding use for it etc.
  • You want to sell for cash.
  • Its Unwanted/ Don't want to use.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about our cashoutquick currency app. The cashoutquick security for conducting trusted transactions.

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Majority of the sales are completed within 5-20 minutes

Most type of gift cards can be exchanged immediately for cash.

We are available 24/7 and any one of our agents is willing to assist with any query you may have.

You can sell as many gift cards you have. The process is fast and simple

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